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Weightlifting for Women over 40:

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For a long time women, even women who loved to exercise and stay in shape, feared weightlifting, and preferred to just do cardio and aerobics for fear of gaining big muscles and looking like a man. Today most women realize this is a myth, and know the benefits of weightlifting and building lean muscle. But they may not realize that these benefits extend into the forties and beyond. In fact recent studies have shown that the benefits of weightlifting can do a lot to reduce the effect of aging. And what woman doesnt want to do that? According to a recent report in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) it has been found that weightlifting and strength training for women can help them perform better with the tasks of everyday living as they age. It is a biological fact that woman have smaller muscles, frailer bones, and more body fat than men. As we age we tend to lose muscle mass, lose bone density, and of course gain fat due to slower metabolism. Since women have less to start with, they are at greater risk of certain age related condition due to bone and muscle loss, such as osteoporosis, loss of balance, and frail skeletons. Older woman are at far greater risk of bone fractures then their male counterparts. Muscle and bone strengthening exercises, such as weightlifting has been shown to significantly reduce these risks, especially in postmenopausal woman.Weightlifting has been shown to do more for woman trying to lose weight and keep it off then aerobics alone. While aerobic exercise will burn more fat initially upon working out then weightlifting. Studies by specialists in Sports Medicine have proven that the body continues to burn calories up to two hours after a workout with weights, while the effects of a traditional aerobic workout only last about half hour.Woman begin to lose muscle mass in their 30s, it accelerates in the 40s and gets even more rapid with the hormonal changes that occur with menopause. As muscle is lost fat takes its place. Metabolism slows, and even without eating more or exercising less, women in their 40s will start to gain weight. This process can be reversed with weightlifting and gaining back lean muscle and you know what ladies, that doesnt mean you will look manly but id does mean you will look and feel younger Weight training at any age has been shown to be good for your heart, but this too is especially good news for woman in their 40s. As a general rule most woman are not at risk for heart disease prior to the age of 40. But over 40 that risk begins to increase. According to the American Heart Association weightlifting has been shown to significantly decrease several of the risk factors for heart attack; including lowering blood pressure, and reduction of fat, lipids and cholesterol build up in the blood.

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