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WeightLifting at Home Vs Gym:

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You are about to get started with a weightlifting program and now you are wondering should I workout in a gym or purchase home equipments and workout at home? Each have their advantages and disadvantages and experts agree it matters far less where you work out then how you workout. As long as you learn properly and lift properly you pretty much physically can get the same work out with the right weightlifting routine at home, as you can in any gym.Home vs. Gym in a way really is part of the broader question of free weights vs. weight machines. Because a set of barbells is pretty inexpensive and does not take up much space, it really is very possible to get the same workout at home as in a gym. With proper training you can accomplish anything (and more, some would argue) with a good set of free weights as you can with weight machines. But proper training is the key, and if you are going to workout at home with free weights, you need to get yourself a good series of instructional videos, or maybe a few sessions with a personal trainer. If you are a total novice and would feel more comfortable on machines, today that does not rule out home workouts. There are good quality affordable home weightlifting machines available that do not take up nearly as much space as they used to.The advantage of workingout at home is just that being at home. Yo are in your own space, you can workout when you want for as long as you want. On the other hand it takes real discipline to workout regularly at home, and many people feel the need to have a gym membership to stay motivated since they dont want to feel they are wasting money. Gyms also have the advantage of trainers on staff. Some people like the social interaction of gyms, and some people really get off at showing off in a gym, while others relish the privacy of weightlifting at home. So it really comes down to a case of personal choice and personality type as to what is better for them weightlifting at home or weightlifting in a gym.The other advantages of weightlifting in a gym however are that in a gym it is easier to cross train with other activities for cardio like aerobics or swimming. Then again many people with home gyms also own a treadmill or stationary bike, or can simply take a jog or bike ride around the block for cardio, so again personal choice. Others I have spoken with have told me that even having gone all out to set up a home gym with everything you can think of, weightlifting machine, Stairmaster, ellipticals you name it they still found the TV and refrigerator, kids, wife, what- have-you; too distracting to really get a into a good weightlifting and strength training regimen at home. So they wound up throwing the whole shooting match on EBay and used the proceeds for a gym membership

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