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WeightLifting Vs Body Building:

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Yes. Just ask that question to a bodybuilder or a weightlifter and you will get an earful of an answer. While it is true that bodybuilders and weightlifters will both train with weights they are two very distinct sports, with two very distinct goals in mind, especially when we are talking about them on the professional level.A professional or competitive bodybuilder is mainly concerned with look. They are going for an overall body image that shows off lean and defined muscle mass to its greatest visual apperance. A weightlifter on the other hand is primarily concerned with lifting weights to build muscle and increase strength. Now both sports involve weight training and strength training and that is where these is crossover, and probably the reason for much of the confusion. But the way an individual trains, and by training we mean overall lifestyle, and especially as this relates to diet and nutrition, will be the greatest departure point between weightlifters and bodybuilders.The ultimate goal in a bodybuilding competition is definition, and definition as defined in the bodybuilding world means the most muscle and least amount of fat. Bodybuilders strive for 0% body fat, and while that may not be possible, many competitive bodybuilders have percentages of body fat in the 2 4% range. This is of a far less of a concern to a weightlifter. A weightlifter especially a competitive weightlifter wins his competition by lifting the most weight - period. So he will workout specific muscle groups to maximize the strength in the areas of their competition. In other words the muscles most important during a snatch or Deadlift. For the competitive bodybuilder on the other hand winning a competition has nothing to do with how much you can lift or how strong your muscles are, but how well your overall physique looks, and looks right together. All the muscles on a competitive bodybuilder must look symmetrical, and in proper proportion, so they must work out all parts of the body equally. Now if you are not planning on competing in either sport the distinction may not really be that important to you. However, the discussion spells out how important it is to clearly identify your goals as to why you are lifting weights. Are you looking to improve physique? Enhance strength and stamina? Or maybe a little or both? If you are not a competitor, it really matters less what your call yourself, then what you want to accomplish with weightlifting. When you know what you want to get out of a weightlifting program you can then design a series of routines, exercises and lifestyle changes, to meet those goals accordingly.

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