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Raising Metabolism:

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Why is weightlifting such a great way to stay fit? It isnt just because of the great look you will get weightlifting has a multitude of health benefits because weightlifting raises your metabolism. Metabolism, we know it is the problem word when it comes to trying to lose weight. The slower our metabolism the harder it is to lose fat and keep it off. Now there are hundreds of theories as to why one person has a slower metabolism then another. Certainly lifestyle and eating habits have a lot to do with it. As do genetic factors. Plus everyones metabolism, no matter how good shape they are in, slows with age. There is however one undeniable biological fact muscle raises your metabolism, fat does not. Muscle is what is known as active tissue; even at rest muscle consumes energy. In the body consumption of energy means burning of calories. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn. And weightlifting builds muscle. Now once you have become a metabolic fat burning machine, with increased lean muscle from weightlifting, you receive all the other perks of that higher metabolism. Other exercises will become easier, and you will continue to burn fat. Now this is important because if you really want to raise that metabolism keep it up there and stay healthy, it takes more then just the boost you will get form weightlifting. Experts agree that to raise you metabolic rate and keep it higher, it is best to combine weightlifting with other exercises and increased physical activity, and the added strength one gets form weightlifting make this that much easier. Want a sure way to lower your metabolism, how about an injury that takes you off your feet and puts you on the couch for a few weeks? Weightlifting correctly can help to prevent other sports related injuries by strengthening joints, bones and muscles.And finally, while weightlifting and exercise are the surest way to give your metabolism a boost, you also must adjust your diet and limit your fat intake. The biggest mistake most people make whether they are active weightlifters/exercisers or not is to skip breakfast. Your metabolism has dropped during rest overnight; it will stay low and go into starvation mode if not given adequate nutrition in the morning. The best way to keep a revved up metabolism going is to give your body constant fuel to burn, and eat small amounts of food all day long. Think about it like keeping a fire roaring in the fire place, keep throwing in wood and it will continue to consume fuel and burn bright and powerful dont feed it and what happens? It will slowly die down until it goesOut.

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