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Best Protein Powders for Weightlifters:

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Protein is an essential nutrient for building muscle, and therefore it is an essential part of any weightlifters routine. But protein is not stored in the body, and since it is used to build muscle, the more your build up, the more protein you use, and the more protein you need. It is difficult if not impossible for serious weightlifters to take in all the protein they need to build all that muscle. Most foods that are high in protein are also very high in fat, and as weightlifters or bodybuilders you always want to limit your fat intake. Also most heavy duty lifters have a diet that is high in carbs to bulk up and provide energy again foods that are high in carbohydrates, are usually low in protein. So most weightlifters will get their protein form shakes made with protein powders. Protein powder formulations used by weightlifters usually have one of two sources of the protein, soy and Whey. It seems in recent years more weightlifters prefer the Whey protein powders. There has been some evidence that Soy and Soy products limit the production of Testosterone, which is the last thing you want to do as a weightlifter trying to build muscle. Whey protein also has been shown to improve liver function, boost the immune system and act as a natural anti-bacterial and anti viral. Whey protein has what is called a very high biological value. Biological value is the amount of protein your body replenishes per 100 grams of ingested protein. If you are interested in protein being used to build muscle, you of course want the highest BV possible. Unlike soy protein, which is derived form a vegetable source, soybeans; whey has a high BV because it derived from milk. Pound for Pound or actually in this case gram for gram the only source of protein with as high a BV as whey is eggs, but whey does not have the fat or cholesterol component of eggs. Whey protein is also high in essential Amino Acid, which are also important to weightlifters.Whey protein powders are available from several different manufacturers. Whey protein powders either come unflavored, or can be mixed with any food or juices, or in a verity of flavors to make shakes and drinks. But since it comes form cows milk in a recent survey many people preferred the taste of even unflavored whey protein over other protein powders, probably because it is derived from milk. Really it becomes matter of personal taste when it comes to choosing any single whey protein powder over another. Any whey protein from any manufacturer is ideal as a weightlifting supplement because it is high quality protein with no fat, no lactose, no cholesterol, is all-natural and is low in calories.

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